Pinterest competition: Click, connect, and construct.

Meghan Goodeve, Oak Foundation Young People’s Programme Coordinator.

This September we are launching a competition for students aged 16 to 19 years to click, connect, and construct a Pinterest board!

Developed in partnership with further education and sixth form tutors, this Pinterest project is centred on 20th century art historian Aby Warburg.

Pinterest is a great way to collect images digitally and to shift through the multitude of artworks that are available online.

We are asking students to create a visual essay based on and around an artwork from The Courtauld Gallery’s collection. Check out our collection in person by visiting the gallery or online.


Example of Pinterest board
Example of Pinterest board


Why enter?

By participating in this competition students will explore how critical and contextual study can be based in the visual, and how to translate this to a digital landscape.

It will also help students to differentiate between researching from books and sourcing information online: what websites can be trusted? What image is the truest reproduction of the original? How can you make sure texts from online sources are properly referenced? How do you use the internet to research successfully?

Find out more about The Courtauld Education’s Pinterest and how the project was developed.

How to enter?

Applications open 29th September 2014

Download the competition application form and complete. This must include the following:
•    Student’s contact details
•    The URL to the student’s Pinterest board
•    A short descriptive text about their chosen artwork from The Courtauld Gallery and theme/argument for the board (100 words max).
•    A short bibliography of the books, websites, and any other materials the student has used to research your exhibition. 3-5 sources.


Please email the completed form to The deadline for entries is 12th December 2014 at midnight. A celebration event will be held for those shortlisted at The Courtauld Gallery in February 2015.

How can we support teachers?

We are offering the following opportunities for teachers and schools but please note these are not obligatory to enter the competition.

•    Teachers CPD Twilight, Tuesday 30th September 2014, 5.00-7.00pm
•    School Workshops at The Courtauld Gallery, 2 hours long, Slots available Tuesday- Fridays
•    Outreach Workshops at your School, 2 hours long, Slots available Mondays- Fridays

Schools and Outreach Workshops are reserved to non-selective state schools with a high proportion of pupils on FSM and the Further Education colleges which serve them. To book please email or call +44 (0)207 848 1058

For further information see our schools page.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and good luck!