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In Which My Grandmother Tells Me About Japan

As the year winds down, I thought I would let my grandmother do the writing in one of my final blog posts, as I continue to decompress after a charged summer term (read: dissertation season). Ann was teaching at a Department of Defence school in Okinawa—her first teaching job overseas—in the 1960s when she metRead more

Dissertation Discussion: Lacey

What is the working title of your dissertation? ‘Buried Brides’ (+ some subtitular arrangement of ‘dysfunction, surface, bodies, femininity, et cetera, et cetera’) What led you to choose this subject? I don’t want to say a lot yet, since I think sharing too much about projects before they’re fully actualised jinxes them. But essentially, IRead more

Dressing, Possessing

*Spoilers for All About Eve, series 1 of Killing Eve* ‘If I ever give you perfume, wear it, and know that I have designs on your soul’, I wrote a few months ago. This notion of dressing and possessing has followed me to New York, where I re-watched Killing Eve with my best friend, onceRead more

Skewed Perspectives

At the end of February, Documenting Fashion’s MA class took a study trip to New York. Homecoming for some and the first time in America for others, these few days were outstanding, and we are excited to share our highlights with you.  While we were studying abroad in Brittany during our third year of highRead more

L’Eau de Vie

I remembered the Maison Margiela perfume display at Charles de Gaulle as comprised of postcards, but they are actually faux Polaroid snapshots: even more emblematic. Two tiered marble shelves curve around the countertop with sunken perfume samples before upright ‘photographs’. A white Fuji Instax camera nestles between the minimalist bottles, reminding you, lest you missRead more

Reviewed: Christian Dior at the V&A

  ‘Maman, je hais les bottes’, a little girl informed her mother of her dislike for a mannequin’s boots. ‘C’est quand même assez chic’, her sister disagreed. ‘I had a jacket rather like that in the eighties’, reminisced an older woman. ‘I don’t like that at all’, her friend with the pompadour and purple coatRead more

Festive Fantasies

This is not a joke: last year, I made a Keynote presentation of things I wanted for the holidays. It was called ‘Lacey’s presentation-chic 22nd Christmas-cum-23rd birthday vision board’. It culminated with a a request for balloons, and I made it entirely for the pleasure of creating it—and presenting it to my mom.   St.Read more

Useful and Beautiful? William Morris and H&M

Coincidentally, two days after I asked whether the bourgeois elite ever matched their upholstery to the fabric of their dress, I took myself to the William Morris Gallery to work out what I thought about the H&M x Morris & Co. collaboration. Spoiler: while I am decidedly annoyed with myself for buying a pretty butRead more

Rose, c’est la vie: Pink at the Museum at FIT

Although my aunt coincidentally just spoke of ‘edible colour’ in terms of bento lunches and not the Fashion Institute of Technology, that would be taking The Museum at FIT’s current special exhibit, a survey of pink fashion spanning three centuries, to its (il)logical conclusion. I used to rip handfuls of petals off my grandmother’s roses,Read more