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Layers of London Highlights: Records by Alla Sakharova

Introduction by Fran Allfrey, volunteer officer   You can now find over 80 photographs from the Conway Library on Layers of London. Layers of London is a fantastic resource and website run by the Institute of Historical Research, University of London. In brief, Layers of London allows you to pin photographs into a digital mapRead more

Who made the Conway Library?

Audio Version Read by Gill Stoker   Text Version Much loved and perused by staff, students, and the general public in the know, the Conway Library is a collection of 9764 red boxes containing brown manila folders. The photographs glued on the brown manila mounts are black and white original prints showing places of architecturalRead more

Sarah Way: Interpreting the Conway with BeyondAutism

Audio Version Read by Gill Stoker Text Version One of the main aims of digitising our amazing photographic archive and putting it online for the public to access for free is to allow our materials to connect with new audiences. We want to allow our images to become resources for a myriad of endeavours, fromRead more

Can Tony Kersting Take You to Your Home Town?

Audio Version Read by Tanya Goodman-Bailey Text Version Managing the digitisation project of one of the most varied, mysterious, and extensive photographic collections in the world, in one of its most prestigious art institutes can look a lot like this: and not much like the constant carousel of wonderful architectural detail that one might imagine.Read more

Collecting Stories Workshop

Audio Version Read by Celia Cockburn Text Version As part of our digitisation pilot, we organised 6 brainstorming sessions to develop new ideas and harness the creativity of unselected members of the public. In the Collecting Stories session, we brainstormed the idea that putting the Courtauld Libraries’ images online could spark conversations not only toRead more

Camera, Obscured: The Fine Art Photography of Paul Laib

  Audio Version Read by Anna Thompson Text Version The Tate Archive holds some of the only remaining correspondence between photographer Paul Laib (1869-1958) and the artists who hired him: a misaddressed cream card dated July 1935 listing his telephone number, address in London’s South Kensington borough, and services offered. All in vibrant red ink:Read more

Sharing and Caring. Beautiful Damaged Negatives.


  Audio Version Read by Elena Vardon Text Version As we process more and more boxes of negatives from the Anthony Kersting archive – that’s over 3000 sheet negs in 19 days – I become convinced that the smell of acetic acid in the studio will be an inextricable part of the memories of SummerRead more

Emerging from the emulsion: Milton Hall chinoiserie

Audio version Read by Christopher Williams Text version On Thursdays we have an evening shift for those volunteers who can’t participate during work hours. Sarah, our Volunteer Coordinator, is here for that shift but I am not, so on Friday morning I go through the Capture One sessions to see what the team’s been upRead more