Fashion or dress?

Last Saturday we had a great workshop thinking all about fashion in The Courtauld Gallery’s collection. We started the day with Dr Liz Kutesko, looking at Renoir’s La Loge 1874 and Degas’ Lady with a Parasol 1870-72. She introduced us to some really interesting ideas – like the difference between fashion and dress! She has recently finished her PhD with The Courtauld’s History of Dress department so revealed some new ways to approach paintings.

We then went back to the classroom, where we thought about fashion imagery today. We were asked to visually analyse a fashion shoot thinking about the photographer, sets, the role of model, and much more!


In the afternoon artist and art historian Millie Knight joined us and revealed more about creating a set for a fashion shoot. With lots of inspiration from the morning, we created a model of a fashion shoot using The Courtauld Gallery collection as a starting point.

Photo 23-01-2016, 14 31 51



It was such a brilliant day and are now looking forward to the next workshops in February half term!

Thanks to Liz and Millie!