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KIS and XCRI-CAP data specification

20 April, 2012 by Project Team

The KIS data for our Undergraduate courses must be submitted to HEFCE by 22/08/2012. Some of this data overlaps with the XCRI-CAP specification, but on the whole the data sets follow different trajectories. However, one area which might impact the schedule for our XCRI project is that we must also submit stable URLs for several elements of the KIS data. Institutions must ensure that URLs are active and link to the correct page for the duration of the 2012/13 academic year. Once the submission has been made, the URL must not change.

As part of the XCRI-CAP project we were intending to make significant amendments to the structure of our data as presented on the public website, . We weren’t intending to finalise these changes until the Summer of 2012, but as this would impact on the KIS submission we’re going to have to move it up ahead of schedule.

The full list of URLs that need to be specified as part of the KIS can be found in this document. For us, the fields of ACCURL, ACCOMURL, ASSURL, CRSEURL, EMPLOYURL, LTURL and SUPPORTURL are all likely to be altered by the XCRI project.

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