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2 May, 2012 by Project Team

We were graciously hosted by The Arts University College at Bournemouth last week for the inaugural meeting of the XCRI Creative Assembly. Along with Falmouth University College, a sadly absent Plymouth College of Art and Norwich University College of the Arts, we discussed how XCRI-CAP could be used within a creative context.

We agreed on a remit for the assembly:

  • To form a group gf creative arts institutions to share practice during the XCRI project
  • To offer opportunities for collaborative training
  • To hold meetings (whether online or face to face) to discuss progress and issues in relation to creative courses
  • To ensure that art, design, media and performance courses are appropriately referenced within aggregators, and meet the specific requirements of creative courses.
  • To consider the feasibility of implementing a common vocabulary for creative courses
  • To feedback to JISC any issues pertaining to the content and use of the XCRI feed by creative courses
  • To disseminate information produced by the Creative Assembly to the wider community and particularly to institutions with creative courses who will take part in the project from September 2012

Each college gave a short presentation on the progress of their project. For me, what was most interesting was that we had all come to the same conclusion by independent means: XCRI-CAP is a good starting point, but it’s not enough alone. The XCRI-CAP feed itself is, frankly, quite bland by itself and doesn’t include anything other than the most utilitarian of data. This is particularly troubling for Creative courses, where the environment, campus and teaching facilities are important to prospective students. For the moment we’ve decided to compliment the XCRI-CAP feed with an improved set of data on our external website. But maybe there will be more developments – it could be useful to come up with a shared ‘creative language’ and lengthen the XCRI data definitions with our own terms.

Download: Courtauld Course Data presentation

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