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Change Management workshop

15 August, 2012 by Project Team

We went along to the JISC Infonet ‘Change Management’ workshop yesterday. Thanks to John Burke and Janette Hillicks for organising an informative and stimulating workshop which made us think a great deal about the broader implications for implementing the Course Data Project within our institute.

John ran through theories of change, the drivers for doing so, and ways of successfully implementing such processes. Here’s a summary:

Types of Change

  1. Developmental – User changes through time for day-to-day utility. Process review
  2. Transitional – Planned change. Implemented and altered behavioural patterns.
  3. Transformational – Fundamental change of practices
Drivers for Change
  • Legislation
  • Finance
  • Economica
  • Technological
  • Expectations
  • Competition
  • Social
  • Efficiency

Leadership Action Steps

  • Establish sense of urgency
  • Form a powerful, guiding coalition
  • Create a vision
  • Communicate the vision
  • Empower others to act
  • Plan and create short-term wins
  • Consolidate improvements
  • Institutionalise the new approach

We then had the change to test out these theories with a simulation. Best. Fun. Ever.

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