About this Blog

Views and Reviews is an opportunity for diverse voices from the Courtauld Institute to respond to Research Forum events and art exhibitions around London, to allow for the public to engage with its community. It is divided into two strands, Research Rhythms and Courtauld Critics.


Research Rhythms highlights the Research Forum’s extensive programme of events, helps draw in new audiences, and creates connections between the Courtauld and the enormous range of people and activities throughout and beyond the Institute. Each term a team of bloggers create content based on their impressions and perceptions of the events they attend. Contributors are drawn from the Courtauld’s undergraduate, postgraduate and research students as well as staff.


Contributors to Research Rhythms:

Spring 2012: Nadine Loach (BA3) & Jane Scarth (BA2)

Summer 2012: Liz Kim (PhD) & Marie Collier (PhD)

Autumn 2012: Tim Satterthwaite (PhD) & Thomas Balfe (PhD)

Spring 2013: Lola Weddleton (MA) & Anne-Marie Tong (CGDHA)

Autumn 2013: James Alexander Cameron (PhD), Niccola Shearman (PhD),  Camilla Pietrabissa (PhD).

Spring 2014: James Alexander Cameron (PhD), Costanza Beltrami (BA), Hannah Rutherford-Roke (BA), Hannah Meehan (BA), Katarzyna Falecka (BA).

Summer 2014: Sophie von Hahn (MA), Natasha Morris (MA), Carlos Kong (BA), Clara Chivers (BA).


Courtauld Critics is the successor to Courtauld Reviews, originally a student-led printed publication to allow current students to give their opinion as burgeoning art historians on art exhibitions across London. The editor is Dr James Alexander Cameron. For more information, or if you would like to get involved as a Courtauld student, please email courtauldcritics@gmail.com.


The general editor for Views and Reviews blog is Dr Irene Noy, Sackler Research Forum Postdoctoral Fellow.


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