MA History of Dress 2019

MA History of Dress 2019

Daisy Robinson

Interests:  20th Century Avant-Garde Painting, Walled Gardens, Art and Advertising, Feminist Theory, Victoria and Albert Museum


Ellen Bhamra

Interests: Dress in Film and Television, Evolution of Shoes, Textures in Fashion, Dress in Portraiture, Fashion Advertising


Fran Crossley

Interests:  Contemporary Genderfuck, Performative Nature of Dress, Construction vs. Deconstruction in Tailoring, Material Exorbitance, Consumption of Fashion Imagery via Social Media


Imogene Legrand

Interests: Editorials, Instagram and Street Style, Haute Couture, Fashion Show Mise-en-scène, Art


Jeordy Raines

Interests: Vintage Fashion and Subculture, Sustainable Fashion, Androgyny and Gender Subversion, Street Style, Textiles


Lily-Evelina England

Interests: Film and Television, Gender, Subcultural Fashions, Embroidery


Lacey Minot

Interests: Paris, Portraiture and Identity, Glamour, Mirrors and Windows in Painting, French Literature


Marielle Epstein

Interests:  Costume Design, Fashion in Portraiture, Menswear, Textiles, Dress and its Relationship to Body Politics



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