Dr Rebecca Arnold, Oak Foundation Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles

Interests: Ready-to-wear, photography, America, documentary imagery, Madeleine Vionnet

Associated Tutor

Dr Elizabeth Kutesko

Interests: Brazilian fashion design, Moroccan fashion design, fashion and globalization, National Geographic, photograph

MA History of Dress 2017

Sophie Assouad

Interests: Post War/Cold War fashions in Germany and the US, art, department stores and display

Barbora Kozusnikova

Interests: Contemporary fashion, photography, fashion magazines, menswear, clothing in dance, exhibition curation, Renaissance art

Yona Lesger

Interests: Fashion as Social Barometer, Orientalism, Fin de Siecle, American Fashion

Mia Matin

Interests: Modern fashion, the fashionable woman, early films and dress, designer/textiles collaborations, curating fashion

Dana Moreno

Interests: 1950s and 1960s prêt-à-porter, dress and architecture as habitable spaces, textiles for fashion and furniture design, women and identity

Harriet Nelham Clark

Interests: The fashion mannequin, artist-designed textiles, magazines, backstage/behind-the-scenes imagery and documentary/process films

Jamie Vaught

Interests: Fashion in art, Aesthetic dress, dress reform, Orientalism, costume in Old Hollywood cinema

Past Contributors

PhD History of Dress

MA History of Dress 2016

MA History of Dress 2015

MA History of Dress 2014

BA History of Art 2014

Jean Hollywood, Illustrations