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Dissertation Discussion: Leah

Title  My working title is La Mode revee and the New York World Fair, 1939 What prompted you to choose this subject?  I can’t quite remember how, but somehow in the course of research I stumbled across Marcel L’Herbier’s short film La Mode revee (1939), which was produced to promote Parisian couture at the NewRead more

Modes Pratiques

Mode pratique: a magazine published in France at around the turn of the twentieth century. Modes pratiques: a new history of dress journal first published in November 2015. Modes pratiques. Revue d’histoire du vêtement et de la mode  is the product of collaboration between the Duperré School of design, fashion and creation, and the Institut de Recherches Historiques du Septentrion at Lille 3 University. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the subject ofRead more

Gravity Fatigue: Hussein Chalayan’s Foray into Dance

  Gravity Fatigue, directed by Hussein Chalayan was at Sadler’s Wells from the 28th-31st October 2015 Enter: three dancers, each wearing a white, pleated, knee-length skirt and a boxy jacket with a high collar pulled up to the nose. In step, they make their way around the stage in a manner that can only be described as hula-like – their hips moving in short jerking motions, sending the skirts swishing from side to side, their legs moving as ifRead more

Chaos Magic: In Search of Identity in the (Post-) Internet Age

A small white logo in the middle of a jarring green page. A series of letters form a crooked ring around a shaky K. This is the cover of Report #5: A Report on Doubt, the latest offering from K-HOLE, artist-collective-cum-trend-forecasting-group. The PDF report is 36 pages of brightly coloured WordArt-like text, set on clashing backgrounds alongside internet-sourced photographs and stock imagery. The text, in a tone somewhere between conversational, mockingly humorous and gravely academic, is uncompromising, challenging, even deliberately obtuse.Read more