Education Image Gallery: free trial

The Book Library has just set up a free trial for an online resource called the Education Image Gallery, which provides access to over 56,000 images, drawn from the following collections:

•The Fitzwilliam Museum
•GovEd Communications
•The North Highland College
•Royal Geographic Society
•University of Brighton
•Imperial War Museum

According to the site, “A large variety of images are included, covering key events and multiple subject areas including history, social sciences, engineering and technology, art, creative industries and geography. With the images selected by by an expert community-led panel, you can illustrate key times, places, people and events. The images are available for downloading in screen-resolution format. As the images are copyright-cleared, they are free to download for (appropriately credited) use in learning, teaching and research.”

So, for example, this is an image from the site:

Triptych: The Lamentation, Daniel and St. Peter © The Fitzwilliam Museum.

Members of the Institute can take advantage of this free trial (which ends on 6th March 2011). Please let us know what you think of the resource by emailing me, Phil Bower, at The Education Image Gallery can be accessed by following this linkand choosing ‘login via UK Federation’, then ‘EDINA (trial only)’ from the drop-down list of institutions before then entering your login details. Please email or ask at the main Book Library desk for the username and password.