Asia has moved

Librarians have not taken over running the world (yet!), however Courtauld librarians, volunteers and students assistants have been hard at work for the last few weeks re-organising exhibition catalogues from Asia. Asia exhibition catalogues have long been a mess, including anomalies such as six different classmarks for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem – which us unhelpful for anyone trying to locate one of these catalogues!

We are pleased to announce that the Asia exhibition catalogues have now been re-classified, re-labelled and re-shelved in an orderly manner. The classmarks for our “new-look Asia” are as follows:

Z5085 – China
Z5086 – India
Z5087 – Israel, Palestinian territories
Z5088 – Japan
Z5089 – Other Asian countries

Over the course of the project we made some interesting discoveries about our collection of Asia catalogues. It was fascinating to see the extent of our collection of Japanese exhibition catalogues, and the variety of towns, cities and venues represented. While assigning class marks to Japanese exhibition venues I was fascinated by the systematic and logical naming of the galleries and museums: I wish all countries would make my life this easy! We also made some worrying discoveries about the geographic knowledge of previous librarians. Bagdad is in India?! Bangkok is a country?! Thankfully, these have all now been rectified!

So, if you are passing the exhibition catalogues we can thoroughly recommend taking a moment to look at our fascinating and orderly collection of Asia catalogues.

Deborah Lee
(Senior Cataloguer)