CABS book of the month – January

It may be our smallest book

L’immortalita e Gloria del pennello : Catalogo delle pitture insigni che stanno esposte al pubblico nella città di Milano (1728) . The original was published in 1671 and, as you can see from the title page of our edition, it is without the main title. It is a mere 11.8 cm x 6.2 cm and may be an abridged version.

It has been difficult to find much information about the book, its authors, or where there are other copies in the world. Some libraries hold a 1980 reprint of the first edition. In Shearjashub Spooner’s book A biographical history of the fine arts being memoirs of the lives and works of eminent painters, engravers, sculptors and architects, from the earlies ages to the present, he says that Agostino (circa 1640-1706) and Giacinto (circa 1620-1688) were the sons of Giacomo Antonio Santagostino, a painter from Milan. His sons were both artists with numerous works executed around Milan.

Nice parchment binding and marbled end papers too!

Spooner, Shearjashub Biographical history of the fine arts. 4th ed., v.II M-Z. New York: Leypoldt & Holt, 1867. p.845 Accessed 23 Dec. 2010