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Don’t judge a book by its catalogue record

As part of an inventory exercise in the Special Collections, we have unearthed some interesting and useful books, including a copy of Persepolis illustrata from 1739, with plates depicting the Palace of Isfahan. It has now been catalogued on the computer system and can be requested from Special Collections. The shelfmark is CABS A226.PER PER andRead more

Update on Emblemata post in April 2011

Back in 2011, I wrote a post about one of my favourite books in the Special Collections – a copy of Alciato’s emblem book from 1608. I talked about the binding having some interesting features, including the initials RW incorporated into the blind roll decoration. John Chalmers, a retired librarian who was once based inRead more

Good news for Raphael lovers…

  The cataloguing of the John Shearman library is proceeding apace and a jewel of the library is his Raphael collection. The Raphael books number just over 250 volumes and are, except for the occasional stray volume, fully catalogued. The collection encompasses second copies of many of the books we already have but, more importantly,Read more

Provenance help with a bookplate

Descrizzione delle imagini dipinte da Rafaelle d’Urbino nelle camere del Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano, a work by Giovanni Pietro Bellori. We are fortunate to have two copies of this work and the copy that was part of the John Shearman bequest bears the bookplate to the left and we would like to make reference to itRead more

Tender loving repairs part 2

A couple of months ago I wrote a posting about repairs undertaken by Camberwell book conservation students. Well all the books have now been returned and I’d like to update you on some of the more complicated repairs. One of the books, Eugène Müntz’s Leonardo da Vinci: artist, thinker, and man of science, had theRead more

Emblemata, Emblemata, Emblemata – May

What is an emblem book? It is a form that was tremendously popular during the Renaissance. It is believed that the Italian lawyer Andrea Alciato devised the first such book. The books themselves contained small illustrations (a bit like a modern thumbnail image) that were accompanied by “a brief title or motto, an edifying verseRead more

Tender loving repairs

Some of you may have noticed that there are books on the shelves that have seen better days? Perhaps their covers are torn or the spine has been partially torn off, or maybe it is just a case of the corners becoming so bent and de-laminated that the book pitches forward on the shelf. AllRead more